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How is the outdoor LED display waterproof?

2021-09-16 17:19:54 jsd 9

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How is the outdoor LED display waterproof? To minimize the harm of static electricity to LED display screen, manufacturers, dealers and customers need to strictly implement esd20.20 standard in the process of production, transportation and use. In production, static electricity is directly discharged to the ground through wire connection, which is the most direct and effective anti-static measures.

1. Production end electrostatic prevention

The personnel using electrostatic sensitive circuits shall be trained in electrostatic knowledge and related technologies. During the production process, workers are required to wear grounding electrostatic bracelets, especially during foot cutting, plug-in, commissioning and post welding processes, and make supervision. The quality personnel must conduct electrostatic test of bracelets at least every two hours and make test records. During welding, Anti static low-voltage constant temperature soldering iron shall be used as far as possible, and good grounding shall be maintained. During assembly, low-voltage DC electric driver with grounding wire (commonly known as electric batch) shall be used as far as possible to ensure effective grounding of production pulling table, glue filling table, aging frame, etc. Copper wire grounding is required in the production environment, such as floors, walls and ceilings used in some occasions. Anti static materials shall be used. During daily operation, full-color LED display products should always be stored in anti-static bags or containers.

2. Static electricity prevention at transport end

During transportation, the transport vehicle shall be grounded, and the box or other equipment shall be equipped with conductive wheels or drag links. When contacting LED products, keep the correct taking method, and do not directly touch PCB board and electronic components on it.

3. Client electrostatic prevention

When installing the screen, customers and engineers should also strictly follow the anti-static operation, and do not directly contact the core electronic components of the product without protective measures.

When installing the screen steel structure, make effective grounding and lead the static electricity of the screen to the ground.

With the development of LED display technology, LED display is more and more used in TV studios and large-scale TV broadcasting activities. As an activity background wall, it provides a variety of vivid and gorgeous background pictures and more interactive functions, so that the background pictures can move quietly, integrate the performance with the background, and fully integrate the scene and program atmosphere, Realize the functions and effects that are difficult to be realized by other stage art equipment. However, in order to give full play to the advantages of LED display, the following aspects must be paid attention to in the process of selection and use:

1、 The shooting distance should be moderate. The distance of shooting image is related to the point spacing and filling coefficient of LED display screen. The appropriate shooting distance of LED display screen with different point spacing and charging coefficient is different. LED display screen with point spacing of 4.25mm and charging coefficient of 60%, and the distance between the main body and the picture is 4 ~ 10m, which can obtain an excellent background picture when shooting characters. If the character is too close to the screen, the background will feel granular when shooting a close-up scene, which is prone to mesh interference.

2、 The point spacing should be as small as possible. Point spacing refers to the distance between the center points of adjacent pixels on the LED display screen. The smaller the point spacing, the more pixels per unit area, the higher the resolution, the closer the shooting distance, but the more expensive the price. At present, the point distance of LED display screen used in domestic TV studios is 1.5 ~ 2.5mm. We should carefully study the relationship between the resolution of signal source and point distance, and strive to make the resolution consistent and achieve point-to-point display, so as to achieve the best display effect.

3、 Color temperature adjustment: when the studio uses the LED screen as the background, the studio must cooperate with the lighting color temperature of the studio to accurately reproduce the color. The lighting of the studio can be adjusted to 3200K low-color lighting equipment, sometimes 5600k high-color lighting equipment, and the LED display can achieve appropriate color temperature and satisfactory shooting effect.

4、 Ensure a good service environment: the service life and stability of LED large screen are closely related to the working temperature. If the actual working temperature exceeds the specified service range of the product, it will not only shorten the service life, but also seriously damage the product itself. In addition, the threat of dust can not be ignored. Too much dust will lead to the decrease of thermal stability or leakage of LED screen, which will lead to combustion in serious cases. Dust will also absorb moisture, corrode electronic circuits and cause short circuit problems that are difficult to investigate. Therefore, pay attention to keeping the studio clean.